General information for the nurses

Good news for the Indian nurses. Germany has opened the doors for Indian nurses from 2013 onwards.  We are not an agency we are just here to help anyone with the will to go to Germany, Germany has never permitted any agencies to recruit nurses from countries like India, but the nurses who has completed German language at b2 level can apply for the registration through your friends or family in Germany. The total expense will be maximum 1000 to 1200 euros (1 Lakh INR ) including certificate translation, Registration charges etc.


The candidate must have a relevant degree in nursing as well as have to pass German language B2 exam, which may take ten months to learn.

A German nurse may be able to obtain a salary from Inr 20 to 24 lac per year also entitled for child tax credits and child benefits. In Germany they don’t conduct any examination like RN or HAAD etc. But there is an organization called ‘Gesundheitsamt’ which evaluates your qualifications and experience.

This this is a huge opportunity for all nurses in India. If anyone required more assistance or help feel free to contact.


German Language Test (B2)


German Language test is the most important component to apply. The person needs to qualify German language test B2 level, This may take upto ten months to learn

BSC Nursing

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The person is require to have some qualities such as having a BSC nursing degree or post BSC.

Anyone need help!

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